Client Testimonials


Nicola, Scotland

We commissioned Vicky to do a painting and the only information that I gave her was that I liked yellow! Vicky created the most colourful, delightful and truly awesome painting for our family. The painting was called Constellation which is perfect for us. Both of our children are so interested in constellations. Vicky didn’t know this. The dynamic piece is always commented on by guests to our home and we feel so privileged to have a bespoke piece of art done by this precious lady. To anyone reading this and wondering should I? The quick answer is YES. Thank you Vicky

Hannah, Pennsylvania, USA

I had a reading with Vicky today over FaceTime and it was unbelievable! We live in different countries and yet it was as if we were face to face in the same room. Separate from the amazing reading, Vicky was so kind, caring, compassionate, fun and so lovely that she is just so easy to embrace and talk to. She was also spot on with my reading!! I was flooded with gratitude and peace and reassurance from her validations, signs and messages of facts that fit my grandfather to a T. I felt like she truly got to meet Pappy and got to experience his beauty and she picked up on the very essence of who he was. She offered so much information and mentioned things that had just happened in my life this morning or the day before. I know with out a doubt that she connected me with my Sweet Pappy. She is like an oxygen tank that breathes life back into a grieving heart and gives the release where suddenly you can breathe again with joy and resilience and let go of some of the questions, worries, fears and sadness we chain ourselves to. Vicky sincerely wants to help her clients experience a genuine and honest reading and heal from life’s losses. I’m just so happy right now. I’ve been glowing all day and couldn’t be any happier with my reading. Vicky you are so beautiful and calming and I am just so grateful you have taken a path to share your talents and abilities to connect us with our special loved ones up in heaven. There are no words of gratitude. Thank you so much! I hope each person reading this gets to meet you. You are a true blessing.

Helen, Glasgow

Just had a Soul Plan Reading from this amazing lady. I was on the phone an hour and a half and could have listened for hours (so not me as I get bored easily). Vicky told me everything about me, where I am just now and where I’m destined to be. Please don’t hesitate to get your Soul Plan Reading from Vicky, it will be the best money you will ever spend, so worth it. xx

Anya, London

When I first met Vicky, I felt an immediate sense of ease, familiarity and a positive energy flowing in her presence, so it was no surprise when she told me about the sort of work she did. I knew I liked her already and wanted to know more about how a Soul Plan Reading worked. When I came in for a reading with Vicky, I had no idea what to expect and what sort of information would come through to me which I didn’t already know. What blew me away is that Vicky didn’t promise me miracles but in fact delivered one. I can’t believe how accurate and specific the information was in relation to me, my feelings, my past and present experiences. It’s like someone opened a portal into my life and saw what I was going through, and with all that helped me understand the complexities of my own character, how to reconcile the contradictions within myself and the way I was dealing with the outside world. I loved the fact that my reading wasn’t a fortune telling session but a valuable insight into my inner workings, giving me a deeper sense of understanding of my own purpose in life. I feel much more conscious and aware of who I am and the kind of work I need to focus on doing to achieve my soul goals. I would recommend anyone who is truly committed to self-development and learning to have a Soul Plan Reading with Vicky, it will be one of the most worthwhile experiences you can give yourself. Thank you Vicky!

Alex, London

Vicky’s readings are excellent! I found the session very informative and the way that Vicky explains everything is so thorough and spot on; right from her intuitive thoughts on my early life to now. The session really helped guide my vision of the future, as well as confirming I am really on the right path from a soul level. Vicky is a natural deciphering the Soul Plan, her readings will really help guide you to your truest potential and having the notes after is perfect to go through in your own time.

Natasha, London

My Soul Plan reading was spot on! Vicky is very intuitive, caring, understanding and just lovely to talk to. I was feeling quite lost and this reading gave me some clarity, helped me connect the dots more than anything but it also gave me some tolls to use to move forward. I thoroughly recommend a reading with Vicky.